Case Studies of Stalking


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Case Studies of Stalking
The Bryan and Katherine Case
With respect to providing examples of different stages of stalking, excessive flattering occurred in the Bryan and Katherine case in the form of an inordinate number of phone calls as well as fawning attentiveness to Katherine’s needs (De Becker, n.d., p. 259). It became annoying when Bryan just would not stop with behaviors that suffocated her. Then it became controlling when he began compelling her to get a car phone and respond to all of his calls. The isolation stage began when Bryan started bad mouthing her friends and trying to sever Katherine’s ties and relationships with other people. The breakup stage became impossible because Bryan just would not hear any of it (De Becker,...
The end: that constitutes a threat or crime in some way. Involving the police runs the risk of escalation of the stalking but they must be called once it becomes a criminal matter. Some stalkers will get the message, others will not. But at least the law will be on the side of the victim.
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