Case Analysis: Robert Mondavi and the Wine Industry


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Case Analysis: Robert Mondavi and the Wine Industry
The Structure of the Global Wine Industry
The structure of the global wine industry has been changing significantly over the last few decades. With annual industry growth of between one and two per cent, the industry has seen a shift towards more premium products and away from a lower-end standard which marked the industry as a whole for a significant length of time. With an increase in taste level of consumers, traditional European and organic methods for production have been sought out to tempt buyers. This change has occasioned the need for production methodologies which allow wines to provide more authentic and rich flavours on a global basis.
Because of this shift towards quality on...
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.....bove, the most significant way of competing in this market is to increase the number of targeted consumers Mondavi is trying to reach, and also to increase product diversity. These goals can be achieved by Mondavi alone, but they may be more organizationally and financially attainable if Mondavi develops a global partnership with a consolidated group of wine makers or distributors which is focussed on the market outside of the United States. If the company wants to be able to continue to focus on the ultra-premium market, partnerships are still possible, but Mondavi needs to look further than its current small investments in Europe. The company needs to examine the possibility of a large-scale global partnership to meet its financial goals.