Case Analysis: Olly Racela in Bangkok


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The beginning:
Case Analysis: Olly Racela in Bangkok
Executive Summary
Olly Racela is an American woman working as a consultant in Bangkok, and she has a significant decision regarding her career to consider. According to the case, Racela has been given the opportunity to extend her current contract for three years and as a result she has to decide whether to continue in her role overseas in Thailand or instead take on a new role and return to her home state of Hawai’i. Racela knows that if she stays on in her current position she will be faced with difficult obstacles, but at the same time she is looking forward to an opportunity to challenge her skill set. At the same time, Racela is faced with substantial social, cultural and gender discrimination in...
The end:
.....y be a chance to make a transition into a role with a higher level of authority. Despite the fact that Hawai’i may be more familiar, it will not challenger her or change her future. In addition, she may find it difficult to be working herself up the corporate ladder from the bottom run again. In addition, I believe that if I were her, personal factors would have the least influence on my decision. As a potential expatriate, I believe that the Thai position will give Racela the types of intellectual and cultural challenges she craves, and provide her with a better employment base over the long run, even if she is feeling overwhelmed at the present time.
Merchant, M. Olly Racela in Bangkok. London ON: Ivey School of
Business, 2004.