Case Analysis of Jimmy Dee Michigan Steel Company


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The beginning:
Case Analysis of Jimmy Dee Michigan Steel Company
This paper analyzes the Jimmy Dee Michigan Steel Company (JDMSC) case and answers several ethics-related questions.
1. What is the key ethical business problem and give three reasons why?
The key ethical business problem is how Fred McMurray should respond to the invitation from
to sponsor part of a corporate event intended to reward outstanding
employees. Three reasons why are: first, sponsorship of customer events may run afoul of trade law; second, participation reverses long-standing JDMSC practice to scrupulously avoid giving significant gifts to customers; and third,
was a long-time customer and seemed to be going through difficult times.
2. List three primary...
The end:
.....ue to all these values. Refusing sponsorship is a good business practice. Explaining JDMSC’s position personally to Joe shows mutual respect. Finally, Fred’s assistance in helping
grow shows JDMSC’s loyalty to long-time customers.
Moral Rights: The right to due process includes the right to fair treatment. For JDMSC to sponsor
event would mean treating JDMSC’s other customers unfairly.
Relativism: Relativism does not mean that “anything goes”. In a free and democratic society, law reflects a society’s values. Therefore, the Foreign Corrupt
Act and the Omnibus Trade Act are concrete evidence that
sponsorship offer is not morally acceptable. Fred’s observance of the law is therefore morally praise-worthy.