Case Analysis: New Belgium Brewing


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The beginning:
Case Analysis: New Belgium Brewing
Summary of the Case
New Belgium Brewing is the brainchild of Jeff Lebesch, an engineer who drew inspiration from a trip in which he was able to taste high quality beers in Europe. He created the company fewer than 20 years ago, and yet has been able to achieve a significant amount of success over a very short period of time. The company creates both long-term and special edition brands, and has only been able to expand its distribution network outside of its Colorado base in the last few years because of a concerted brand and marketing effort. The company is very much focused on its ability to push forward social ideals at the same time as selling beer. New Belgium Brewing wants to be able to balance the...
The end:
.....f responsible drinking. Although the company is very ethical, they are also selling a product which can lead to social problems linked to alcohol abuse. Although the firm has begun to address this as a social issue, they have also recognized that this is an area in which they need to complete additional research and investment.
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