Case Analysis: Gillette


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The beginning:
Case Analysis: Gillette
Summary of the Case
The Gillette brand has evolved considerably since its creation at the turn of the twentieth century, but its products have always occupied a significant position in the shaving market on a global basis. From its humble beginnings in the United States, the brand was quickly expanded to Europe and eventually worldwide. Gillette was one of the first multinational brands and has, in this way, delivered brand equity and recognition that seems to be unmatched. In recent years, because of this market leadership, Gillette has been acquired by Procter & Gamble and as a result has begun to develop an even larger reach in the consumer products sphere.
The company has developed technology which has...
The end:
.....ducts will need to be designed, promoted and placed to appeal to the specific market niche. The company has already begun to explore advertising to different demographic groups, such as the gay and lesbian community and the higher and lower income brackets in their markets. The company could also extend the ways in which it targets the female market, which seems to be less developed than its more lucrative male market. Gillette could extend this strategy to the products themselves, and to its IMC, such as sponsoring events that lie outside its traditional sports themed market efforts.
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