Caring with Patients in Acute Psychiatric Hospital Settings


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Caring with Patients in Acute Psychiatric Hospital Settings
, R.F. (2008). Nurses’ meaning of caring with patients in acute psychiatric hospital settings: A grounded theory study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. 45(2), 203-223.
According to
(2008) caring is an abstract concept in nursing with several views from different theorists about the concept of caring and the various meanings based on the clinical areas that the caring is provided. The author in this article discusses the different views of caring by theorists and the absence of psychiatric settings in caring studies. Studies show that the perception of psychiatric nurses is to provide care to patients without the application of any theoretical works...
The end:
.....nd mother-to-be and developing a mutual relationship where there is openness. Trust should be reciprocal to provide healthy care to the patient. Due to the long-lasting nature of high risk pregnancies, an enduring presence is very significant to the woman.
The findings of this literature show that the nurse’s ability to develop embodied knowledge and ideal caring in administering to a high risk pregnant woman shows the level of genuineness in caring.
In conclusion, the author shows that a struggle still exists in promoting the significance of midwife nursing care. However, the nurse’s role should continue to be focused on genuine caring by showing dignity, a caring relationship and creating a balance between natural and medical perspective.