Career Choices Related to the Environment


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Career Choices Related to the Environment
Two positions of interest to a prospective client were: Environmental Engineer; and Agricultural Engineer. In the U.S. in 2009, the median annual salary for an Environmental Engineer was $74,640 and the median annual salary for an Agricultural Engineer was $80,750. The working conditions for both positions are parallel to a certain degree. There may be a number of positions for which jobs have a large component where working outside is necessary. Exposure to a range of elements is inherent to this. Environmental Engineers are more likely to be exposed to a wider variety of working conditions due to the broadbased nature of their work. A B.S. degree is required at a minimum for every job. Generally...
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.....terested in alternative energy, especially in wind power. The client definitely likes the idea of working on a farm diligently while getting paid a lot of money. I have had to let him know that many Agricultural Engineering jobs are in the
laboratory and that these jobs are not always the most popular after a while. While Environmental Engineering jobs can be in the laboratory as well, there are many other jobs in the field which are not. For these reasons, and a whole lot more, I have recommended the client study Environmental Engineering.
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