Capitalism, Globalization and a New Ethics


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This document discusses how globalization and unmitigated capitalism based on pure unsustainable consumption patterns has affected society. The experiences seen in the contrast between various types of shopping centers indicates that society requires an alternative ethics as well as a new form of capitalism if it wishes to develop a sustainable economic model other than globalization. The emerging ethics is one founded upon a kind of natural capitalism. 
Developing a More Natural Capitalism
One of the most important insights that gained from experiencing the different shopping formats is that there are alternative perspectives regarding capitalism and how it is integrated into...
The end:
.....lobe’s population. The conclusion by all of these authors is a lesson that society should take to heart and that is that true change must be achieved at the risk of a complete environmental breakdown of all the earth’s eco-systems and cultural structures. Natural capitalism is a new, emerging ethics which I have developed during this course. 
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