Canadians in Hydrocarbon Industries and Careers in Chemistry


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The beginning:
Canadians in Hydrocarbon Industries and Careers in Chemistry
Unit 1: Canadians in Hydrocarbon Industries.
The hydrocarbon industry today is synonymous with the petrochemical industry since oil and natural gas are primarily composed of hydrocarbons. However, not so long ago hydrocarbons and related organic substances were manufactured from coal and wood.
The origins of the Canadian hydrocarbon industry can be found in the pre- petroleum days when wood and coal were basics raw materials. In 1904
Chemicals company was formed in
, Quebec as a part of
Water and Power Corporation (
, 2010). This company produced acetylene (C2H2) and its derivatives from coke and limestone. Soon this company merged with...
The end:
.....mmonly, chemists employed in sales obtain another degree in business (for example master’s of business administration, or MBA) in order to move to managerial positions later in the career.
Apart from the above, there are many careers strongly related to chemistry. Two examples are chemical engineers and chemical technicians. Chemical engineers design chemical plants, and optimize production methods. They apply “engineering principles to solve problems of chemical nature” (Myers, 2003, p. 330). Chemical technicians usually assist chemists in the laboratory where they test products, perform analysis and maintain laboratory equipment and chemical stock.
Myers, Richard. (2003). The basics of chemistry. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.