Canadian Women’s Social Policy Questions


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Canadian Women’s Social Policy Questions
Question 1:
One of the keys ways in which the changes in the past twenty years have occurred for women through federal and provincial funding is through the much lesser cash funds being given by the federal government to the provinces. This reduced the direct material assistance being given to women financially (Cohen et al. 19). Secondly, the slow process in which the federal government broke down oversight into provincial ministries involving women’s right and policy affairs is another way in which “the elimination of key policy personnel, and outfight abolishing the ministries and programs that dealt specifically with women (20-21). These are a few ways in which federal and provincial policies...
The end:
..... present (252). With the cost of living much higher, women are often left with the cost of childcare and other aspects of family life under these policies. Since neoliberal policies do not focus on outcome via the income brought in by working women, they do not provide childcare or familial polices that can help women save money. While the necessity of two incomes has devolved the male role quite a bit, the focus on women’s struggles as single mothers infers problems with neoliberal policies that are slow in helping families primarily supported by single mothers.
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