Canadian Racism


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The beginning:
Canadian Racism
Global violence is indiscriminate. Violence can touch any person, religion, culture, tradition or nation. The sustained violence in the Middle East and South Asia has caused many Muslims to immigrate to the Western world and man have chosen Canada as their new home. Known for extensive social programs and tolerant citizens, Canada appears to be the perfect new home for the exodus of Muslims leaving their homelands. The immigration has happened very quickly however, and the progressive Canadian society has struggled to keep its citizens and schools on par with the understanding needed to allow these new Canadians to assimilate themselves peacefully. Many of these new Canadian Muslims are seeking a peaceful home to live their...
The end:
.....quality, but that idea is two fold; equality must be given to each citizen, but to each immigrant citizen as well, to treat one differently for any reason, is not equality. Everyone must be respected to find the place they feel the most comfortable with, not what is designated to them.
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