Canadian Democracy in a North American Context


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Canadian Democracy in a North American Context
Nelson Wiseman argues that “[s]table countries seldom make radical institutional changes. They do not jump on bandwagons that cater willy-nilly to their era’s temperament” (Wiseman, 248). As such, the fundamental political principles of Canada have been shaped without the use of proportional representation and thus any reform, even insignificant, should be approached with caution (Wiseman, 248).
and Jansen, in contrast, advocate for change within the Canadian political system. They criticize the current single-member plurality electoral system of the country in that it “rarely produces conditions in which this happens and thereby fails to reflect Canadians’ political opinions” (...
The end:
.....ortional representation system is in place is also persuasive. Yet, another compelling and significantly important argument against the implementation of proportional representation systems is
essay on the relationship of consensus politics and race. It is indeed chilling to imagine another fascist regime in the face of a more democratic electorate system.
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