Canada’s Failure to Employ Professionals Who were Trained Abroad


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Canada's Failure to Employ Professionals Who were Trained Abroad
Canada has a troubling history of failing to employ professionals who were trained abroad. This is a difficult issue because Canada is a nation of immigrants. Canada is also a nation of high standards. This means we have to find a way of accommodating our best trained immigrants, while ensuring that our professional standards remain high. Fortunately, our government is tackling this issue.
In situations where the professional standards of another nation are lower where an immigrant has been trained, an immigrant should by all means be obliged to work his or her way to a Canadian professional standard. However, if someone has been trained where the training is equal or better...
The end:
.....ize the opportunities available to immigrants here, while being a nation of such high standards that we will continue to attract the best and the brightest people from all over the world. By doing so, we get the most out of our immigrants, and they get the best out of Canada. Everyone wins.
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