Canada in Afghanistan: Should we Even be There?


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Canada in Afghanistan: Should we Even be There?
The war in Afghanistan has now dragged on for more than nine years; it is likely that the war will drag on for at least another nine. Given the cost involved, given the high rate of civilian casualties, given the fact that Canada has plainly sent a military force onto the land of another state is carrying out military actions on that land, we have to ask ourselves if Canada should even be there; in short, is our involvement in Afghanistan justified on ethical grounds? If it is justified, on what grounds is it justified? Beyond that, does the use of unmanned military craft change the ethics of the situation, or it is a useful technological capability that allows us to do better what we – the...
The end:
.....ack the enemy as best they can and the low-level, surgical nature of the strikes makes them credible as an alternative.
Overall, Canada is doing the right thing – even if it is doing it clumsily. The war is not going well, but it is a war Canada had to enter because of the events of 9/11 and because of the viciousness of the attacks; at the same time, the Taliban is hardly a noble foe or regime and the world can do better than have it around.
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