Can a Toronto Business Owner Build a Business on the Honour System?


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Can a Toronto Business Owner Build a Business on the Honour System?
This paper looks at whether or not a Toronto business owner could build his or her business on the honour system. The paper submits that a person with a business in a bustling city like Toronto cannot employ a honour system because people will always want to beat the system; as well, with an honour system, people are essentially called upon to watch one another as part of ensuring a certain level of collegial conduct: when there are no cameras around and it is just one “team mate” watching another “team mate,” then peer pressure comes into play as well as mutual suspicion. Consequently, it makes more sense to have people watched objectively and dispassionately by a...
The end:
..... – even good friends or brothers/sisters. In the end, the honour system needs too many things to work just so for it to be effective.
To end, the honour system does not work because human nature is what it is: if people think they can exploit other people, they will do it; it is really that simple. As a result, a smart business owner will combine an exhaustive screening process with a comprehensive surveillance system that keeps an eye on people. It is not romantic to mention such things, but people are not inclined to do the right thing unless they are forced to do the right thing. Rather than asking people to act in ways that are alien to human nature, it makes so much more sense to put a tough system of detection and punishment in place.