Calvin Coolidge on the Relationship of Government and Business


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Calvin Coolidge on the Relationship of Government and Business
A society cannot function without a government. With no mechanism of organization, confusion and chaos will consistently prevent a society from providing a measure of security for its citizens. Similarly, without the financial benefit that business provides, a society cannot function to its fullest potential. Poverty forces society to crumble. Without business, poverty, in the same way as a lack of government can cause destruction. Yet the link between the two can create an equal amount of havoc as can the absence of either. Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States, recognized the importance of a proper defined relationship...
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.....ors but also to the people that make the society in which the businesses create revenue.
President Coolidge clearly communicates the inherent difficulties in a society that must balance the needs for economic profit in the private sector, and the need for society to be governed in an equitable manner. His emphasis on policy places a greater power on the government than business, yet in his acknowledgement that the economy allows for government to function illustrates the challenges that are still faced by government as they attempt to legislate and control private profit making ventures.
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