California Standardized Testing for Students


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California Standardized Testing for Students
The California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program measures how well the California education system and its students are performing.
The California Standards Tests (CSTs) show how well students are doing in relation to the state content standards.
The California Achievement Test, Sixth Edition (CAT-6), shows how well students are doing compared to students nationally in reading, language, spelling, and mathematics in grades 3 and 7 only.
Students will not be penalized in any way for either taking or not taking the tests.
Teachers, parents and education officials can use the results to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to improve student learning.
Students and their...
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.....sist ELLs a lot more than most educators realize. Thus, I have the unique opportunity to uphold the law, help out other teachers and administrators, and most importantly, aid students in acquiring better skills in the English language. The whole endeavor has now become a lot more fun and I plan on passing along this joy to my students. We as educators are there to help them and the school system is there to support us. In reality, there will be much advocacy I will have to engage in to see that policy is properly implemented. But the letter of the law is such that I must develop enhanced diplomatic skills so I can push through as many positive changes as I can so that these children can get the English language skills they need and deserve.