Caledonia and Land-Claim Disputes


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Caledonia and Land-Claim Disputes
The next few pages look at the ongoing saga of the Caledonia land claims dispute. The specific issues that will be addressed are as follows: what is at issue in the particular land claims dispute? Are there any signs of political rituals in this ongoing dispute? What gives the foregoing dispute such potency? Where does the issue get its emotional energy from? Why are these disputes so difficult to resolve? In the end, this is an issue that really gets back to the deep-seated sense of grievance in the native community; as long as natives believe that they are “owed” for misdeeds in the past, the tensions will continue to linger.
The issue at hand in this particular land claims dispute is that native...
The end:
.....blems plaguing native and government relations. The situation is volatile, the stakes are high, and both sides would rather engage in ritualistic posturing then sit down in good faith.
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