Business Plan – Financial Section Only


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Business Plan – Financial Section Only
The company under investigation is one in which customers are allowed to pre-book their orders through telephone and applications on iPhone, Blackberry, Anderoid and others. What this section endeavours to do will be to explore the various taxi companies in St. Catharines, Ontario, to ascertain various costs – licensing, office costs, application costs – to see what expenses await our proposed company; clearly, such costs will determine what services can be offered and when they can be offered. One of the frustrating things in dealing with local cab companies is that they are reluctant to release any of the expenses outlined above; we must also say that the local licensing unit for the City of St....
The end:
.....municipal office noted above, exact figures are hard to come by because local businesses in the sector are disinclined to release any data that might be of use to a possible competitor.
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