Business Networking as a Result of Social Media in the Workplace


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Business Networking as a Result of Social Media in the Workplace
The increase in the availability of social media has changed the ways in which people communicate. While communication has always been a priority for business, the speed at which it happens and how often it happens have increased exponentially because of new technologies which are fun and easy to use. Social media makes it simpler and faster to develop business and personal relationships. This means that social media has become a part of every company’s marketing strategy. Employees use social media platforms at work to market their products and services and to interact with customers.
At the same time many businesses are concerned about how social media networking may have a...
The end:
.....need to embrace external social media networking to support the communication needs of today’s young employee. Social networks can not only help employees access information, connect with their peers and market their company’s products and services, but can also help companies build the right social networks to build their businesses.
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