Business Management


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Business Management
Part A: Description of the Idea
I propose to create and market an exclusive chain of high-end cafés which replicate the Italian experience and introduce the idea of the 'aperitivo' to Canada. 
An aperitivo is a beverage, typically imbibed after work and alcoholic in nature, which is accompanied by large platters of pre-dinner snacks. In Italy, stopping by a café for an aperitivo is a daily occurrence, which allows people to unwind after a long day and reconnect with friends and colleagues. Generally with the purchase of beverages, the café will provide generous portions of snacks for free, which consist of meats and cheeses, pickles and olives, and even pasta. 
Although the café culture has thrived in Canada, it is...
The end: networking can be one of the least expensive ways to connect with new customers (CRFA, Website, 2009), so it is an easy investment to make. The blog and videos can be added later on when the cash position of the café improves. In addition, the ordering and point-of-sales systems must be in place before the first café is opened. 
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