Business Management


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Business Management
Part A: Production and Operations
Production process
The production of our restaurant foods and beverages will happen as they are ordered, but there are many things that must be organized and prepared ahead of time for that to occur in an efficient and effective manner. 
The first part of production in the restaurant industry is designing a menu. This requires the company to have an executive chef on board and be ready to create different types of menu items that will suit different customers. As noted earlier, Cielo Rosso is concentrating on the aperitivo service, but will also offer meals. This means that three menus must be created: one for a daily aperitivo food set, which will be delivered to all clients who have...
The end:
.....peritivo café experience. For Cielo Rosso, this means that each member of the team must be well-versed in Italian culture and the ritual of the aperitivo, and be willing to share those values and ideas with our clientele. The staff’s level of commitment and interest in this experience is what will allow the company to build its brand. 
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