Business Letter and Report Writing II


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The beginning:
Business Letter and Report Writing II
James Lee provided a solid overview of business writing in stating that, in this genre of writing, the emphasis is on “soundness of knowledge, accuracy of statement, orderliness of procedure, directness of presentation” (18). One can quibble with the validity of this general set of prescriptions; for example, if marketing writing is also counted as business writing, then we must acknowledge Hackley’s point that business writing can also make use of complex (and occasionally dishonest) discursive techniques (18-19).
However, the simple examples of business writing included in this essay attempt to model Lee’s prescriptions of soundness, accuracy, orderliness, and clarity. Business writing...
The end:
....., in executing the exercises, I came to change my mind. It struck me that all stakeholders wish to be addressed with courtesy, transparency, and precision. Adopting a needlessly casual tone with some stakeholders struck me as condescension, just as adopting a needlessly formal tone struck me as pompous. I attempted to find a middle ground, that is, a single voice that, slightly modified, could be employed to address all stakeholders.
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