Business Information Systems Questions


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Business Information Systems Questions
Question 1
As COO of a regional retail clothing store in an attempt to build market share, my approach to fulfill the goals my CEO has set for me over the 12 month period would be to implement the following:
1. Plan and implement data visualization on the website. This is a key strategy that will allow customers to more realistically “see” the merchandise online. In this competitive space, customers make quick decisions on whether to look more closely at product, or move on to something else. The customers must be able to zoom in and see the merchandise in different views. This will be key in the overall new ecommerce strategy. I would look at companies like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Bluefly...
The end: of readiness regarding the changes that the information systems will necessitate. This “strategic transition” process is a cornerstone of the organization’s ability to both implement the new strategy and communicate the goals of the strategy and how the changes will affect its own inner organizational workings, its relationships with customers and suppliers as well as the key business processes. There will be a learning curve in the process, as well as a blurring of boundaries in the organization as the employees and constituents adapt to the new changes. In the end, if IT is aligned with overall business strategy, the company will be in a good position to use IT for strategic advantage while still satisfying its customers and employees.