Business Ethics: The Responsibilities of Manufacturers


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Business Ethics: The Responsibilities of Manufacturers
This paper looks at what Ford did wrong and what, if anything, the company should have done differently in addressing the safety issues posed by its Ford Explorer series. The paper shall also look at what Firestone did wrong and what, if anything, the latter should have done to bolster consumer safety. As will become evident, both companies faltered significantly because they decided that greater profit margins superseded concerns about the general public and those driving these vehicles in fast-paced highway conditions.
To commence, we must recognize that Fordā€™s explorer series had high centers of gravity ā€“ much higher than sedans. This should have been cause for concern because of...
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.....l defects in its tires. The greater sinner was probably Ford because it did pressure a junior partner into making concessions that compromised the safety of everyone. Bridgestone, though, allowed itself to be used and simply never learned from its history with Ford ā€“ a history that had been pretty ugly since the 1970s.
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