Business Ethics and Altruism


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Business Ethics and Altruism
Why Study Business Ethics?
Business ethics is a new part of the curriculum at many business schools. However, if American capitalist behavior extending from the deregulations of the Reagan era forward provides any information, the academic concept of business ethics is still far removed from having an impact in the real world. In an age of rampant corruption, double dealing, and fraud, what is the value of studying business ethics? A skeptic can be forgiven for treating the concept of business ethics as being, at best, an idealistic afterthought that is irrelevant to what goes on in the marketplace.
However, the most compelling reason to study business ethics is that the model of capitalism that has been...
The end: thing can really be accomplished” (p. 68). Altruistic ethics is intended to forge us into a great community by ensuring that the interests of all, great and little, are mutually defended and respected. This concept, already so dear to the Constitution and to legal remedies, should be absorbed into the heart of business ethics so that, in future, the culture of capitalism becomes less predatory and more sustainable.
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