Business: 2 Questions Answered in 3 Pages


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Business: 2 Questions Answered in 3 Pages
Question one: a shoe company wants to know what to look for as it considers selling slippers in South Korea.
There is some significant information that must be retrieved by any shoe company desirous of selling slippers in South Korea. Most of all, the company must investigate to see what groups in South Korea tend to buy slippers in the first place; if no such market exists in South Korea, then perhaps the next order of business is to look at which demographic group is most likely to purchase footwear goods. Additionally, the firm must look at which group tends to make the purchasing decisions in the typical South Korean household; in other words, if the man is the person with the final...
The end:
.....he “smaller classes” but who, as they try to climb the socio-economic ladder, do not perceive themselves as being “lower class;” such entrepreneurs are unlikely to purchase products that connote such ugly images. The organization would have been well-served to commission a study from an organization such as the Society for Cross-Cultural Research (Society for Cross-Cultural Research, homepage); by refusing to learn more about Chile, the business has hampered its own expansionist plans.
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