Bullying: Becoming a Community Issue


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Bullying: Becoming a Community Issue
Bullying is being addressed now more in the last decade than it has in previous years. A paradigm shift has taken place in the contemporary consciousness; formerly a child’s personal problem, bullying has lately become a community issue. This may be connected to a spate of gay teen suicides; instead of learning to deal with it, these kids opted out. It may have been that there was much less coordinated data about the phenomenon of bullying. Unfortunately, some data and statements from the anti-bullying lobby seem flakey and disingenuous. Often when looking at the people promoting awareness to combat bullying, the solutions being proposed are often disappointingly vague and weirdly worded, possibly doing...
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With hard data about suicides and bullying difficult to collect, It Gets Better is an organization that would provide a better model for ongoing attempts to reduce bullying. It is at least not pretending to have an effect that it does not have. That is to say, conventional deterrents do not work on bullies because bullies know that their youth alone affords them immunity.
The uncomfortable truth is that unless we can put bullying children in prisons, we do not have an effective way to curb bullying. However, talking with bullied children can at least allow us to collect data about victims. With so much at stake, and so little to go on, hearing the victims stories is better than empty threats directed at knowing cruel children.