Budgeting Collaborative Healthcare


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Budgeting Collaborative Healthcare
The importance of nurse staffing in relation to the quality of patient care is the foundation of a report written by the Institute of Medicine Committee on the Adequacy of Nurse Staffing in Hospitals and Nursing Homes. The findings repost that: “Nursing is a critical factor in determining the quality of care in hospitals and the nature of patient outcomes” (Clarke and Donaldson, 2009). Nurse staffing is a vital part of health policy and patient safety initiatives. Risk management departments nationally agree that nurse staffing impacts patient safety. What is not agreed upon is the appropriate policy for nurse staffing that will protect the patient (Clarke and Donaldson, 2009).
When there are cutbacks in...
The end:
Not at full occupancy.
Need to recruit patients to gain maximum occupancy
At full capacity:
4.4 patients per RN
5.5 patients per LPN
4.4 patients per unit assistant
At full capacity staff will need to be doubled in order to maintain current individualized patient care. Education training for need
will bring in revenue that will not only entice nurses to join staff, but will help with nurse retention.
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