BSN Program Needs Assessment


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BSN Program Needs Assessment
Huber (2006) explains that, beginning in 1998, the U.S. and the world began to experience a nursing shortage that has grown more intense over the years; just as the number of aging people worldwide is generating additional demand for nurses and other health care workers, there is currently a global nursing shortage of as many as 500,000 nurses (p. 591). In such an environment, it is the civic duty of academia to develop more nurses. It is in this context that we propose a BSN program within our community.
Perhaps the chief challenge in launching a BSN program is attracting sufficient qualified faculty in sufficient numbers. Fortunately, we have innovative ideas—including raising the...
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.....l develop our own faculty feeder system and also be able to claim thought leadership in nursing education, as we will act on a grassroots level to encourage more nurses to acquire teaching credentials.
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