Broadcasting: Research Methods Assignment


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The beginning:
Broadcasting: Research Methods Assignment
Sub-title: review of episode from Cold Case: Season 2, Episode 19 (Strange Fruit)
The episode detailed above is about a young boy, Zeke, who grows up in the racist climate of early-1960s America. Zeke believes strongly in racial justice and is a follower of Martin Luther King. Zeke’s family is not welcomed by the locals and Zeke, tragically, is killed when he dares to report a white home-owner for raping a black domestic servant. The following summarizes the changes between 1963 and our world today.
Something I saw
Why is it important?
Source that correlates with this element
Men’s hair is short with simple style
Today, men have various hair-styles
“Men’s hair and hairstyling tips.”...
The end:
.....see many more multi-ethnic and multi-racial communities
For a look at the change, please see
“Racial segregation in America.”
. 21 Sept. 2010
Americans are less fearful of living alongside those who are different
Home décor in 1963 featured the basic accessories and nothing like the entertainment systems of today
Today, you see entertainment centers in the home and colour coordination is mercifully better
For a look at the typical living room in 1963, please see
“Retro-renovation (jpg).”
. 21 Sept, 2010
are bigger and we now live in a world where we can have more comforts in the home