British Columbia, the Homeless and the Olympics


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British Columbia, the Homeless and the Olympics
With a pending international event just around the court, it would be beneficial to the provincial government if they begin to focus on developing a long-term efficiency strategy on cleaning up the city of Vancouver. A short-term approach such as shuffling the homeless to temporary make-shift shelters is not the solution on solving the core problem. By caring, supporting, and planning for the homeless, the BC provincial government will not only potentially solve issues surrounding Vancouver’s homeless but also present themselves as an example of a city which values the true meaning of the Olympics, that of unification.
The provincial government should endeavor to implement policies, which...
The end:
...... The Assistance to Shelter Act is an example of a short-term solution. According to the bill, once an extreme weather alert is triggered by officials, written notices will be distributed to the homeless informing them on where they can find emergency shelters. If a person refuses, a police officer could obtain an order to have that person transferred. This act coincidentally will come in place during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver in February. Some believe this is the provincial government’s way of forcing the homeless off the streets during the Olympic Games. However, when the Games are over, the homeless will still be the homeless, unless the BC government develop a strategy to care and support the homeless for the long term.