Brand Loyalty at Urban Outfitters


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This paper shall look at the subject of brand loyalty as it relates to the retailer Urban Outfitters.
Brand Loyalty at Urban Outfitters
In high school, I routinely visited the local Urban Outfitters at the mall. I was drawn to their affordably priced apparel and accessories that I found effectively fit with my personal style. While there are countless options for clothes, shoes, hats and more throughout a single mall, Urban Outfitters separates itself in my opinion with its incredibly helpful service attendants. Several years ago I really wanted this brand of sandals called Rainbows but the store that I frequent did not stock them. The employee I spoke with told me she had similar inquiries and quickly picked up the phone to call...
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.....ion world because it shows that they are innovative and produce new styles each season. I personally like how they put a ‘modern’ or ‘urban’ twist on styles from the past” (Nicole, personal communication, April 20, 2010). For customers to become loyal, they must envision something unique about the brand that they cannot find elsewhere. I honestly cannot think of another store like Urban Outfitters. The type of good one finds at their stores are one of a kind and will get you noticed on the street.
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