Bowen’s Family System Theory: A Case Study


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The beginning:
Bowen’s Family System Theory: A Case Study
The Bowen’s Family system theory is one of the family systems theories that can be used as a framework for the conceptualization of family conflicts and the development of a therapeutic approach to resolve the conflict. The major concepts of Bowen theory are emotional fusion and differentiation of self, triangles, the nuclear family emotional system, family projection process, emotional cutoff, multigenerational transmission process and the sibling positions. In this paper, a case conceptualization is conducted using Bowen theory of family systems as a framework for the conceptualization of a case involving a family problem.
Theoretical Formulation
The client is a 15 year old Hispanic...
The end:
.....nal deficits identified outside of the session that will impact the therapeutic work include her symptoms of depressive disorder, the family’s financial situation, disagreements between the client an her father, the lack of communication between the family members, the client’s defiance of authority and her reluctance to cooperate with family preservation services.Beck’s cognitive theory can be used to conceptualize the client’s depressive symptoms. Her interpretation of the events surrounding her mother’s abandonment is causing her depressive symptoms. She has been unable to verbalize her feelings with her mother and becomes irritable and emotional about the relationship which is all based on her thoughts without any input from her mother.