Book Review: “The Glorious Cause” by Robert Middlekauff


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Book Review: "The Glorious Cause" by Robert Middlekauff
The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 is a comprehensive historical account of the American Revolution that is well rounded in terms of cause, effect and consequence. The book is an assessment of the various causes for the war. The journey
takes the reader on is fantastical even more so than the war itself. The way the war was fought is buried in myths and legends that
spins fantastically. American heroes are shrouded and left standing tall in their fight with the British and the Hessians.
What sets this historical account a part from others is the truth weaved into the legends of American heroes that
portrays. The historical context...
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..... volume
writes chronologically an historical analysis between 1763 and 1789 that covers every aspect of the war. Oxford History was the first publisher of the book and their courage in presenting the strengths and weaknesses of the men of the American Revolution was reflective of the author’s. The Glorious Cause is a bold venture into politics and economics that provides a detail account of the economic interests, the religious motivations and the political theory that the American Revolution required at just the right time and in just the right place.
is successful in his writing and everyone who reads the book will know and understand more about the birth of a nation than they did prior to reading The Glorious Cause.