Book Review of Amy Chua’s “World on Fire”


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Book Review of Amy Chua’s “World on Fire”
This paper is a review of Amy Chua’s controversial text, “World on Fire.” The next several pages will outline the general thesis that Chua espouses and will then proceed to call into question her sharp critique of free-market based democracy. Although her arguments appear well-intentioned, Chua fails to appreciate that the free market democracy which characterizes the contemporary world is one that really benefits all peoples in the Global South – even if it is true that crony capitalism and incestuous ties between the elites give certain groups clear advantages and more power than the majority that, in theory, should have some sort of say in things. In any case, “World on Fire” is very good at...
The end:
.....e of what the elite ethnic minorities have long enjoyed. Should the state fall into crony capitalism, of course, then it is inevitable that resentful majorities will begin to lash out in ways that could easily have been avoided with greater prudence and foresight.
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