Book Review: “Ethical Theory and Business”


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Book Review: "Ethical Theory and Business"
A part of doing business is being criticized for not doing enough for society as a whole. Private enterprise is profit based and the question of how much social responsibility companies must take in is an endless debate. The concept of corporate social responsibility is increasing as business management courses in American schools are beginning to teach social responsibility in the classroom. Social responsibility has become a political force with a social conscious over the last decade. Tax breaks for corporations that “give back” to the community have been legislated by Congress (Beauchamp and Bowie, 2008).
The increasing prominence of corporate social responsibility is in the 1992 creation of...
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.....on has to anyone. Bainbridge builds upon Friedman’s profit based social responsibility theory. Freeman is the theorist who tries to correct the out of balance greed of corporations in American capitalism. For this assignment I was to select which theorist I would most respond to and that would be Freeman. American capitalism is not enhancing Americans place in a global market; in fact, Friedman and Bainbridge ideals are making Americans look selfish, self-seeking a greedy in epic proportions. The only way to find our true place in a global economy is to be socially responsible at the corporate level under the tutelage of Freeman.
Beauchamp, T. and Bowie, A. Ethical Theory and Business Eighth
Edition. New York: Prentice Hall, 2008.