Book Review: “Corporate Vices: What’s Gone Wrong with Business?”


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Book Review: Corporate Vices
Cohen, Charles, Corporate Vices: What’s Gone Wrong with Business?
Capstone Publishing Limited, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2002,
ix+136pp., ISNB 1-84112-435-4.
Corporations are an important part of our economic world. There is a growing concern that corporations are not functioning properly. A number of people have provided explanations for what is wrong and solutions to get corporations back on track. One of these people is Charles Cohen. In Corporate Vices Cohen makes the argument that corporations have gotten off track because they have internalized corporate vices. According to Cohen, “…vices make inefficiency seem wise and losses look commercial”(Cohen 2). Basically the corporations have adopted an operating...
The end:
.....s its failure to recognize some of the value in the “vices”. Not all the ideas of the reengineering are harmful. A purging of everything could mean that good new ideas are pushed out with the bad. This would recreate the same kinds of problems that the reengineering has caused.
In conclusion, it can be argued that this Cohen has created a strong argument. It is simple and it is clearly demonstrates how businesses have lost their way. Embracing these virtues would certainly help a business. However, treating most of the changes in the business world as a vice will result in the same sort of over reaction that was seen in the reengineering period. A more balanced less reactionary approach is required to fix the problems in the business world.