Boeing’s Current Industry Situation and Business Strategy


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Boeing's Current Industry Situation and Business Strategy
1. Boeing’s Business Strategy
As noted by McCarroll, “with so many planes available owing to repossessions and canceled orders, fledgling airlines have been able to buy them at bargain-basement prices”, which means that companies such as Boeing have had to reconsider their business strategies. Boeing also notes that over the past 20 years, despite the fact that the airline industry experienced economic downturns several times, it still grew by an average of 5 per cent per year. At the same time, airline supply in the United States lost $4 billion in 2009. This is why, according to the case, the company is moving to a different business model where the firm will manage new businesses...
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.....the engineer has finalized the design for the project, the system alerts the individual responsible for supply management, and once prototype supplies are located, the engineer and the construction team are alerted to begin work on the prototype. This would allow the firm to ensure that there is safety built into the decision making processes themselves. Over the long run, this project process would streamline work and drive down costs.
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