Body Image


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The beginning:
Body Image
Body image results in an impact on the experience of chronic illness. Altered body image is experience by patients with many chronic diseases such as cancer because both the impact of disease and treatment are so strong. Body image refers to a change in body function or appearance which causes deep distress for the patient and negatively impacts on their quality of life and potential rehabilitation (Price, 2009). In the film Diving bell and the butterfly, based on a true story,
experiences the deepest type of contradiction where he is absolutely free inside but totally trapped. In this situation, body image becomes a strategy to maintain sanity.
Body image is defines as “the relationship we develop...
The end:
.....anging. In chronic illness, there is a dramatic alteration in body image. The patient, as the film shows, has resources and strategies that can be used to cope with the impact of changed body image even the most adverse conditions.
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