Body Image Dissatisfaction


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Body Image Dissatisfaction
Article Review of Body image dissatisfaction and disordered eating in black and white women by Marisol Perez & Thomas E. Joiner
An appropriate perspective of body image is an important component of self-esteem. Significantly, women demonstrate much greater emotional response to self image than do men. Within the population of females, different racial groups demonstrate divergent perspectives of body image dissatisfaction. Of particular interest, are African American women more satisfied with their self image than Caucasian women? In “Body image dissatisfaction and disordered eating in black and white women” by Marisol Perez & Thomas E. Joiner, as published in the International Journal of Eating...
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.....n which different factors shape each racial group’s perspective of body image could potentially be as, if not more significant. Although it is apparent from the Perez & Joiner effort that a difference is expressed between black and white women in regards to BID, the factors that cause the discontinuity are not specifically drawn. Given the paucity of description of the measured population, infinite factors could have generated the results that the researchers discovered.
Perez, M., & Joiner, T. (2003). Body Image Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating in Black and White Women. International Journal of Eating Disorders , 33 (NO: 3 ), 342-350. Retrieved October 12, 2009, from