Body Image Detailed Review


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Body Image Detailed Review
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A review of the literature surrounding the issue of body image dissatisfaction provides keen insight into the discrete considerations of body image dissatisfaction as it pertains to black women and white women. The lack of conclusive data suggests further research that will identify and demonstrate the explanation for the differences in body image dissatisfaction between black and white women.
“Body image affects our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in everday life” (Cash & Pruzinsky, 2007, p.7). An appropriate perspective of body image is an important component of self-esteem...
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.....ves much more unstudied, and none is able to conclusively demonstrate the difference between black and white women’s perspective of body image beyond a generalized declaration drawn on incomplete samples. This is a distinct area that bears deeper, more precise research. A specific sample must be drawn and evaluated from a very specific population to prove that there is definitive proof of BID differences between black and white women. Then, additional detailed samples and analysis must be conducted. Upon conclusion of this research, it may well be that a distinct racial difference exists between black and white women and BID. Until then, no absolute proof has been demonstrated, only greater possibility for additional, more refined research.