Blauner’s Hypothesis, Noel’s Theory and Gordon’s Theory on Minorities


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The beginning:
Blauner's Hypothesis, Noel's Theory and Gordon's Theory on Minorities
Latino Americans are sometimes called Hispanics. The origin of Latino Americans is from Latin America or Spain. Latinos make up nearly 16% of the US population. There are approximately 5 million Latinos living in the US. It is important to note that Black Americans are the largest ethnic minority in the US. Latinos are second to Blacks in the ethnic category. Latino American sub-groups are Mexican, Cuban, Colombian, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Spanish and Salvadoran (Brown & Bean, 2006). For this assignment Mexican and Cuban Americans have been selected.
How are Robert
hypothesis and Donald Noel's Theory applicable to Latinos as a minority group?
The end:
.....f their children to the government (“Cuban Population”, 2010).
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