“Black and Blue”: A Novel by Anna Quindlen


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The beginning:
Black and Blue: A Novel by Anna Quindlen
A Book Report
Black and Blue is a story about Frances
, a woman who was subjected to regular physical abuse by her husband Bobby
, 1998). She fell in love with her husband at the age of 19 and had a passionate marriage that quickly turned into a nightmare as a result of the abuse. In the beginning of the story, Frances decides to run away with her young son, Robert to escape the abuse from her police officer husband. Frances uses the services of Patricia Bancroft and her network assisting battered women by giving them refuge and a new identity in order to hide them from their ex-husbands. She escapes her home in New York and moves to Florida and establish themselves...
The end:
.....n is one that does not go away after
divorce and supposedly go their separate ways.References
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