Birthrates Help Keep Filipinos in Poverty


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Birthrates Help Keep Filipinos in Poverty
Filipinos today face many problems. Corrupt governments and feudal patterns of land ownership are two reasons. The cost of rice is rising and Filipino families are large. These are four reasons why poverty is bad in the Philippines. P1Q3The high amount of poverty means many people suffer from poor nutrition, no education and bad jobs. If the Filipino people had birth control then they would not have problems as bad as they do now. 
But they cannot get birth control easily. The Catholic Church is the religion of the government and people of the Philippines and the Catholic Church do not support modern contraception. They do support natural family planning.  P1Q4 The Catholic Church believes modern...
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.....ater but because of corruption it cannot. P2Q6
The hospitals in Zimbabwe are also in a bad situation. Nurses and doctors are paid very small amounts. They have many more sick people than they have nurses to treat them. The patients have to pay the doctors and nurses to get services and medication. The story in the Los Angeles Times is about a young boy whose family waits outside of a clinic and he dies. P2Q7
Zimbabwe has many of the same problems as the Filipinos. They are poor and do not have good health care or nutrition. The government in both countries is stopping the people from raising their education and getting good jobs. But the Filipinos problem is too many young people. Zimbabwe’s problem is that the young people die too quickly.