Biological Warfare Through Time to the Present Age


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Biological Warfare Through Time to the Present Age
This paper is a discussion of biological warfare throughout history. The paper begins by providing a chronological analysis of biological weapon development dating back to before the birth of Christ. Along the way, the paper shall delve into the technical aspects of biological weapon development – primarily, how such weapons were constructed (or perhaps are being constructed today). The paper will also enumerate a number of different weapon types; naturally, any such historical overview like this one will contain numerous examples of weapons utilized by one side to destroy or debilitate the other side. As we shall see, certain biological agents – smallpox and, more recently, Anthrax – have...
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.....i died of throat cancer on October 9, 1959, in Japan.
Like many involved at Pingfan, Ishii was actually protected by the U.S. government so that the secrets and mostly intact research could be brought to Camp Detrick, Md., the United States' own burgeoning biological warfare research center. Like Ishii, most of his colleagues were never haunted by the danger of a war crimes tribunal--never called to justice for the horrific crimes they committed in distant Manchuria.
Pingfan, Unit 731's built-to-order Manchurian facility. Fortunately, the war ended before the Japanese army gave permission for the biological warfare technique--developed at Pingfan under the direction of Shiro Ishii--to be unleashed on the world.
By Andrew J. Swanger