Bio-solids and their Application to Farmland in Ontario


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Bio-solids and their Application to Farmland in Ontario
The law, environmental consequences and the politics of bio-solid use
Bio-solids are a controversial topic in the present day and age and will surely remain so for as long as the environment is a major source of concern for so many. The next several pages will look at the history of bio-solids (with specific focus upon bio-solids in Ontario), and will discuss the various types of bio-solids. The essay will subsequently examine the fertilizer value of bio-solids and will delve into nutrient management guidelines as they exist in Ontario, Canada, and as they exist at the federal level (for the two are closely related and complementary). Along the way, the paper will compare Ontario...
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.....ach with a very limited capacity relative to the total amount of biosolids produced statewide. Due to existing and increasing air quality regulations, permitting of additional facilities is not considered likely and thus incineration is not considered a widespread management option.
Approximately 3 percent of the biosolids generated in California are stored temporarily in onsite facilities, such as lagoons. The biosolids are dried and further processed while in storage prior to the final deposition of the material using one or a combination of the management options described above.
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