Best Reasons for Believing in God


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Best Reasons for Believing in God
There appear to be three reasons why people believe in God that surpass all others as rational explanations for enduring faith in a secular world; this paper will discuss all three of them. The first reason is that people need something outside of themselves to believe in. If there is no God, then life is simply a series of random occurrences that lack any overarching meaning, direction or narrative. The second reason why people believe in God is because God gives moral direction in life and offers comfort to people who have not accumulated vast stores of wealth but have, nonetheless, led lives of decorum and decency. Finally, and this point is closely related to the point above, people seeking a reason to...
The end:
.....ontents from pursuing evil. In that sense, belief in God has a practical function.
To end, this paper has explored three persuasive reasons why people believe in God and have faith in a God that cannot be seen, felt or perceived in any way by humans. All in all, God attracts people to him (or her or it) because God gives coherence to life and promises a moral order that affords security.
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