“Beowulf”: Battle in Heorot from Grendel’s Perspective


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The beginning:
"Beowulf": Battle in Heorot from Grendel’s Perspective
Kill the men sleeping in Castle
kill them. My hall now. Took it from the human man and his fighters. Less wet then the swamp. Miss mother.
These new men sleep next to the great fire. They have cooked meat in the fire. Sweet meat of cattle but human sweeter. But must be careful. Touch not the throne. Not mine nor theirs. It is dark. The castle smells of old pitch and foot and I am at the end of the hall connecting the throne room where the slaves would have lived and slept.
They have one guard awake. They are maybe drunk. They are full of meat. Their bodies want to sleep. They drape themselves around the fire that is burning low. Their swords are sheathed. The guard is...
The end:
.....r bone is coming out of the socket as I run toward another wall. We crash part way through that. The castle is beginning to wobble. The king who used to have it will be disappointed if this hero gives it back.
Cannot get up. Head hurts. Pain everywhere. I lay on my back. My hands and feet are heavy. The bone breaks. It shatters because of how the hero twists it. My limbs won’t react.
The little roaring hero takes my arm. Mother will be so ashamed. I miss you mother. No more human eyes. No more alive. Different magic with my howls of pain. I pick up my arm. The men watch me. I am vulnerable and naked. Run away. Damage castle entrance. Clumsy. Cannot die here. The Magic is wrong. Swamp. Behind me, from inside the castle, I hear the men cheer.